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High Value

We understand the importance of security. At Scrivin we offer a range of services to ensure the safe transport of high value goods throughout Europe and the UK. To ensure the safety of your cargo, all of our vehicles are fitted with the latest gps tracking equipment and all load areas are fully alarmed.


High value cargo can come in many forms, from technology to specialist equipment. We have a great deal of experience in aircraft parts including A.O.G (Aircraft-On-Ground) shipments as well as smaller high value items. Our drivers are security checked and have been approved by the department of Transport to Levels A, B and D Aviation Security.


Computer hardware and other technology items are often some of the highest value goods we transport. Our team know the importance of keeping your cargo safe. With our service you can rest assured that our dedicated team are transporting your items safely to their destination.



At Scrivin Logistics we offer a wide range of delivery services, including dealing with items that fall into the “hazardous” category. With a range of specialist equipment at our disposal, we can transport tricky items safely to their destination. .

Hazardous Products

Items which are classified as hazardous include chemicals, high pressurised equipment and paint that needs special care and attention. With Scrivin, transportation of these hazardous items is hassle free. As we have a range of specialist transport equipment and an experienced team on hand and happy to help.

Hazardous Materials and The Law

Our drivers and vehicles are ADR approved for the carriage of goods in the UK and Europe. We are up to date with the current legislation and can offer you guidance and expertise in this extremely demanding industry sector.



If you’re looking to transport fragile goods you want to ensure that your cargo will be treated with the utmost care. At Scrivin all of our shipments benefit from the highest level of consideration, vigilance and expertise to ensure a safe transit.

No Transhipping - Less Risk

A few of our customers have tried our dedicated services after bad experiences with normal groupage services and have had no issues with us. Unlike other groupage services, we at Scrivin Logistics, don’t transship goods from vehicle to vehicle. This means there is less opportunity for damages to occur.

In Good Hands

When you transport fragile goods through our service you can rest assured that our dedicated and experienced team are looking after your items. At Scrivin Logistics Ltd we have a range of vehicles and equipment which enables us to offer a bespoke haulage service, suitable for any delivery job.


Data Sensitive

If you’re organising the transportation of sensitive items you will want to know that your goods are in safe hands. At Scrivin we understand the needs of data sensitive cargo and with our resources and expertise we can cater for your high security delivery.

Prioritised Security

If you’re looking to transport sensitive material, in whatever form, you might feel that a standard level of security isn’t adequate. We understand this completely and, as we’ve been in the business more than 20 years, we know the solutions. By stepping up our security on our data sensitive deliveries we can all rest assured that the delivery will be well protected.

Bespoke Service

Almost all sensitive deliveries are different from one another. That is why our dedicated team of professionals are happy to talk you through every step of your sensitive delivery arrangements. We can organise the exact level of security you are happy with and ensure that your goods arrive at their destinations promptly and safely.


Urgent Deliveries

Scrivin Logistics Ltd is one of the leading UK logistics companies when it comes to meeting deadlines. If you have a delivery or pickup to make with a strict time limit we can help make sure you’re deadline is met.

Our Team

At Scrivin Logistics we have a dedicated and experienced team who will ensure you’re urgent deliveries are made in time. Our years of experience have allowed us to perfect every stage of time limited deliveries, from organisation, dispatch right through to driving and drop off.

Your Delivery

If you require a delivery made within a time frame give us a call today. We can talk you through the process to make you sure you’re happy with the service we’re providing. We also deliver to and from Europe if you’re delivery is going further afield.


European Express Deliveries

At Scrivin we offer our rapid transport services across Europe as well as just the UK. If you need goods transported we offer an express service across the continent. We have a range of vehicles suitable for European deliveries of any size. Call or email us to arrange a delivery.

Express Van Service

If you need goods transported to or from mainland Europe we offer a fast, reliable service. Our experienced team of professionals will ensure your delivery is prompt and straightforward. All of our vehicles are fitted with the latest GPS tracking and all load areas are fully alarmed. So you can know where your goods are at all times.

Full Trailer Load

In addition to our dedicated European express service we also offer full trailer loads across Europe. If you have any queries about the extent of our European freight services don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Our team will talk you through the best options for your transportation requirements.